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​When we talk about Madrid we are referring to one of the most impressive cities in Europe. When you think of traveling to Spain, Madrid is one of those destinations that cannot be missed. It is full of multiple cultures and has places that are simply wonderful.

Madrid is the capital and the most populated city in Spain, it is a city that is visited every year by millions of people. All these people are attracted by the natural and architectural beauties that are found in it. In addition to many other things that make up what is the city itself. That is why Madrid is one of the best cities to visit and enjoy a wonderful vacation.

Once you are in the city you will realize that it is much more than you thought. In the city you will be able to find a great variety of museums, natural places, imposing buildings, beautiful squares and many other things that will make it worthwhile to go out and visit.

There are so many things to see and do in Madrid that you will need a long vacation if you want to know everything. And it is full of activities that are of interest to tourists, but also something that attracts the attention of tourists is the idiosyncrasy of its inhabitants which is simply wonderful.

Another thing that people who visit the city love the most is its gastronomy. Although Madrid is a city where a lot of different cultures converge, the local gastronomy is not left aside. And there are many places where you can find and taste a lot of typical dishes of the city and other corners of Spain.

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Madrid

Where are the best hotels in Madrid?

The best places to stay in the city are in the center, near the Sol and in downtown neighborhoods such as Huertas, La Latina or Austrias.

What are the best hotels in Madrid?

Among the best hotels in the city we can name the Hotel Chamartín The One located in the financial district of Madrid next to the Chamartín subway or the Hotel Mayorazgo which is located a few meters from Plaza España, next to the Gran Vía of Madrid.

Which hotels in Madrid have the best views?

If you are looking for breathtaking views, the Riu Plaza España is one of the best options, with full views of the entire city center.

What are the best hotels for families?

In case you are looking for an accommodation to share with your family, the Hotel Chamartín The One or the Novohotel Madrid Center are a good option.

Which hotels in Madrid are the best to go with my partner?

If you want to live the best experience with your partner, hotels like the Riu Plaza España or the Hotel Princesa Plaza Madrid are a great option.

How much does a hotel cost per night?

Room rates range from 70 to 110 euros per night.

Which hotels in Madrid are closest to the center?

Among the best hotels near the center of Madrid we have the Riu Plaza España or the Hotel Princesa Plaza Madrid.

How much does a hotel in Madrid cost for a weekend?

A weekend in a hotel in Madrid can cost between 150 and 230 euros.

Which hotels in Madrid are closest to the museums?

If you want to tour the museums, hotels like The Westin Palace Madrid or the Petit Palace Lealtad Plaza are a good option.

What are the best neighborhoods in Madrid?

Some of the best neighborhoods in Madrid are Chamberí, Chamartín, Moncloa-Aravaca, among others.

What hotels arerecommended near the airport?

Some of the closest hotels to the airport are the NH Barajas Airport, the Novotel Campo de las Naciones or the Hotel Don Luis.

What to visit in Madrid

Prado Museum

This is one of the most important and impressive museums in the world and is the most important cultural institution in the country. It is located at 23 Ruiz de Alarcón Street and was founded 202 years ago in 1819.
To date, this museum houses more than 35,000 works of art that are part not only of the history of the country, but also of the whole world. Unlike other European museums, the works of art that make up this museum were part of the royal collection of some kings.

Plaza Mayor

This is a huge and beautiful square that is very close to the Puerta del Sol. It was built in 1619 and is one of the most important monuments in Madrid. In it great events have been celebrated and it is part of the history of the city.
It is a large square that is 129 meters long and 94 meters wide that is simply beautiful. This is one of those places that is totally worth visiting when you are visiting Madrid. Also, it is very close to other places of interest in the city.

El Retiro Park

This is a beautiful historic park located in the city of Madrid. It is one of the most important and visited tourist sites of the whole city. In it is possible to find different architectural ensembles, sculptures and more dating from the seventeenth century.
This place is open to the public all year round, so no matter the season in which you visit Madrid, you will be able to enjoy all the wonders that this place has to offer. If you are a nature lover, this is a place you can not miss, since it is also considered a world heritage site.

Madrid Royal Palace

This palace is the official residence of the King of Spain, however, he himself does not live there. Today it is used for other types of functions, such as, solemn acts or ceremonies. It is located at Calle Bailén 28013 in the center of Madrid.
Today it is possible to visit it on a guided tour, which will allow you to learn more about this wonderful architectural work. And, of course, one of the symbols of power of the Spanish kings. This palace is also known as the Palacio de Oriente because it is located adjacent to the Plaza de Oriente.

Temple of Debod

This wonderful temple with Egyptian architecture is located west of the Plaza de España. This was a gift made by Egypt to Spain and is one of the four monuments that this country donated to countries that significantly supported Egypt to rescue the temples of Nubia.
It is about 2200 years old and is a monument full of history that is worth knowing. It is important to mention that this temple was transported from Egypt to Spain in 1968. And while it was installed in the city, it was intended to maintain its original orientation from east to west.

San Miguel Market

The San Miguel market is one of those places that you should not miss, this structure dates from the early twentieth century and has 1200 square meters of surface. If you want to enjoy a wonderful gastronomic experience, this is the perfect place.
It is located next to the Plaza Mayor of Madrid, so it has a very strategic location. If you are one of those people who love gastronomy, in this place you will find a really varied gastronomic offer. In addition, you can visit it while you are visiting other places of interest that are in the vicinity.

Puerta del Sol

This square is one of the most emblematic places in Madrid and one of the meeting points for tourists and locals.

These squares are great places of interest such as the famous advertising poster of Tio Pepe, the statue of the bear and the strawberry tree symbol of the city of Madrid, the statue of Carlos III which is located right in the center of the square, but the most emblematic place is undoubtedly the Casa de Correos, its clock is responsible for giving the chimes of the end of the year.

We also highlight a very sweet gastronomic offer La Mallorquina where you can have breakfast and enjoy their wonderful homemade napolitanas.

Reina Sofia National Museum of Art

Another of the most interesting places that you can not miss when you are walking around Madrid is the National Museum of Art Reina Sofia. Here you can enjoy some of the best art exhibitions in Europe.
This wonderful museum is located on the Paseo del Arte in Madrid and was founded in 1937. Recently a restructuring of the permanent collection has been made, so it has changed its layout. If you are an art lover, this is a must-see place for you.

Thyssen-Bornesmiza National Museum

This is another of the most important museums in Spain, where you can see about 940 works of art. Every year, this museum receives more than 1 million visitors, making it one of the most visited museums in the country.
This hotel is located on the Paseo del Prado and together with the Reina Sofia Museum and the Prado Museum make up the famous art triangle. Since 2004, this museum received an expansion with which more rooms were opened to increase the number of pieces on display.

Madrid Flea Market

If you want to go shopping, the Rastro is one of the most important places in Madrid for this kind of activities. This flea market has more than 400 years of history and you can find almost anything. It has hundreds of stalls and on a good day can accommodate thousands of people.
The origin of the name of this place is very curious, since in this place is near the slaughterhouse. While the cattle were being transported, a trail of blood used to be left on the ground and that is where the name El Rastro comes from.

What customers in Madrid are saying

Martín Velázquez, Spain.
“Madrid is a wonderful city, full of things to do at all times. If you want to get to know it fully you are going to have to come on vacation several times.”

Paulette Medina, Ecuador.
“I had a great time when I was on vacation with my friends in the city. Without a doubt I must come back to get to know much more”.