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London is one of the most impressive cities in Europe, it is full of monuments, cathedrals, palaces, castles and ancient buildings. This is because it is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is also one of the favorite destinations for many people.
If you are a person who loves history and everything related to ancient times, London is a city that you should not miss under any circumstances. This city is so big and has so many things to see that if you want to see the whole of London you will have to spend several days on your trip.
One of the best things about this city is that it has something available for all kinds of tastes. No matter what it is, you are quite likely to find something wonderful to see or do in London. Maybe you are interested in taking a ride on one of those red double-decker buses that are so typical of London, or checking out the wonderful palaces that are there. Whatever you are looking for, this city has it for you.
Many people visit London to see the city and the home of one of the most important aristocratic families in the world. The British royal family is not so much known for its power, but for the great popularity they have.
Even if you are more of a nature-loving person who likes to have outdoor experiences, there is that too. London has some of the most beautiful natural sites in Europe, so you’ll have plenty to experience.
In this place you will not have time to have fun, because in every corner you will find a wonderful place worth knowing. Besides, it is a city that has a very special atmosphere that will make you fall in love with it.

Frequently asked questions about hotels in London

In which area are the best hotels in London?

The best hotels are located near Trafalgar Square, Kesington or Westminster.

What are the best hotels in London?

Among the best hotels in London we have the Westminster Borough and the Milestone Hotel Kensington.

Which London hotels have the best views?

If you are looking for a good view, the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London or the Club Quarters Hotel are good options.

What are the best hotels in London for families?

If you want to stay with your family, The Henrietta Hotel and the South Palace Hotel are good choices.

Which London hotels are the best to go with my partner?

Among the best hotels to visit with your partner we have the Corinthia London or the Langham London.

What is the price of a hotel in London for one night?

The cost of a hotel in London is between 60 and 150 euros per night.

Which London hotels are closest to Big Ben?

Some of the best hotels near Bing Ben are: the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London or The Grand at Trafalgar Square.

How much does a hotel in London cost for a weekend?

A weekend in a hotel in London can cost you between 80 and 200 euros.

Which London hotels are closest to the museums?

If you want to visit the museums in London and you are looking for accommodation nearby, the best options are the easyHotel London City or the Yotel London City.

What are the best neighborhoods in London?

Among the best neighborhoods in London are Wimbledon Park, Notting Hill, Clapham and Ladbroke Grove.

What hotels are recommended near the airport?

The closest hotels to the airport are the Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport and the Hampton by Hilton London.

What to visit in London

Big Ben and Palace of Westminster

The Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower or the Clock Tower is one of London’s major tourist icons. It is located in the Palace of Westminster which is the seat of the British Parliament. The tower is 96.2 meters high and 162 years old.
In the gigantic tower is located a clock, which is one of the largest and oldest in the world. In addition, this is one of the most important and recognized icons of the whole city. This is one of those places that you can not miss when you are in London.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a beautiful heritage listed cathedral located next to the Palace of Westminster. It has long been the place of choice for coronations, funerals or weddings of the British monarchs and royal family.
This is a very important place for all Londoners, as this abbey is one of the most important religious structures of the British church. It is a place you can visit and which you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Gothic facade of the place.

Saint Paul Cathedral

This is the main Anglican cathedral in London, and is the seat of the Bishop of London. It is a beautiful cathedral that stands at the highest point of the whole city. It is the greatest symbol of the “Church of England” and a lot of important events in the history of England have taken place in it.
Visiting this place is a unique experience that you cannot miss, the place is simply beautiful. Few cathedrals in the world are as beautiful as this one. Even if you are a follower of another religion, it is completely worth the visit.

Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the English monarch (currently Elizabeth II) and is also the center of ceremonies, state visits and also receives millions of tourists every year. So you can book your visit to the enclosure.
Besides the majesty of the structure, one of the most striking things are the members of the royal guard and their changing of the guard. This is the greatest symbol of power that the British royal family has in the country. It is also one of the most visited places in London, as everyone wants to know the place.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historic castle located in London which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built in late 1066 and was a symbol of power of the British crown. This place is located in the heart of London on the banks of the River Thames.
Previously, this was a place that had some military enclosures and royal quarters. However, today it has been converted into a large museum.
Today it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the UK. You can visit it at any time of the year, it will be a truly impressive visit that you can not miss.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a bascule and suspension bridge located in London. This bridge is an incredible tourist attraction, especially since it is located near another equally impressive monument, the Tower of London.
This bridge consists of two towers that are connected by an upper walkway. In the towers there is a small museum which you will have to pay to access. However, the bridge is completely free of charge.
The bridge crosses the River Thames and is often confused with London Bridge, however, it is not the same.

British Museum

The British Museum is the most important museum in the United Kingdom and the most visited in the world. Within its facilities are a large number of works of art (about 8,000,000) which you can enjoy. You can also find the largest reading room in Britain. If you like works of art, this is a place you can not miss under any circumstances.
This museum was one of the first to appear in Europe, this is what has allowed it to have a large number of works of art. It has a section dedicated to ancient Egypt, which is the second most important in the world.

Picadilly Circus

This is an intersection of streets that is located in London and is an extremely busy place. You can find different theaters in the place, as well as stores, boutiques and restaurants. Those places that hosts a large number of tourists.
One of the things that stands out the most in this place is that it has a lot of video screens and neon advertising signs. Picadilly Circus is the equivalent of Time Square in New York. In fact, this is the busiest spot in all of London.

Hyde Park

This is a wonderful park located in London and is the largest park in the city. It extends from Kensington Palace to Buckingham Palace. It has 142 hectares and it is a place that is simply wonderful and which you cannot miss if you are a nature lover.
Within this enclosure you can find the Wellington Arch, a wonderful structure that adorns these beautiful gardens. In addition, there are some other places of interest such as sculptures, monuments and several species of trees and plants that adorn the place.

What customers in London are saying

Luis, Spain.
“London is a place that is simply wonderful, you have a lot of things to see, so if you want to see it all, you’re going to need a long vacation.”

Isabela, Chile.
“The first time I visited London I was impressed, it is a city that has everything and that will catch”.